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Independent reading

                   Today I read the book called "Tiddler'                                                                            By Julia Donaldson                                                                                       This book is about a fish telling lies and making up excuses                         

I like this book because he had a big imagination and he blew

             small bubbles and told tall tales.           

A new word I learnt was Anchovies 

that means a small shoaling fish of commercial importance as a food fish and as bait. It is strongly flavoured and is usually preserved in salt and oil.                                    

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Athletics Day

                   Athletics Day
I woke up this morning and my red cloths where on the side then my nena said ‘’ Maria get up and get ready’’. I got up had a shower then I ask my nena what cloths am I wearing then I ask her what day is it today she said ‘’ Friday’’ I was like what it is my Athletics day today she said that is why I told you to get up and get ready for my Athletics. After I put on my cloths my nena called me to do my hair I went to her she plaited my hair then put on my shoes got my food for morning tea and lunch and then said bye to my family that stays in the house with me and then I walked out the door walked past the houses through the trees and past the shops and then to school.
When I got to school I saw heaps of the groups wearing they group colors red, green , yellow and blue and they group names were Tobruk Benghazi Alamein and Tripoli were the group names.I had to go to Tobruk because that was my group I had to spray paint my hair then I wrote Tobruk on my legs and arms. After that we all went to the dots so the teachers can tell us what to do and where to go. The principal of this school said that we are going to do so actives first then do our racing. My first actives were shot put then high jump and long jump then thro the plat after those actives we did our racing first we started with the 5 year olds then to the 6,7,8,9,10,11,12 and then the 13 year olds  doing the 5om run and then the 100m and then the last 400m around the track. After all of this the teacher had to say who won the Athletics then the principal said we had to drumbo then she said the the winner was Benghazi. Benghazi was so happy they all stand up and started dancing happy so then the other groups were like good job Benghazi nice job and then we had to pick up rubies then go up Stairs get our bags and then go home.


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Find two foods that would have the same flavours.

Hot chips
Bay leaf
Ice block
Summer savory
Dill weed
Hot chocolate
Chocolate bar
Strong and bitter
Dark Chocolate
Sweet scented
Caramel Fudge
Pop Corn
Peppery Steak
Ripe banana

Food tasting

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My Swimming Story

Title; My Swimming Story
Swimming Rules
  • No Splashing
  • No Bombing
  • No Pushing
  • And no running

On monday room 6 went to the panmure lagoon swimming pools. When Mrs Sharma told the class that we are going on monday  to the swimming pools I was so excited and calm. Mrs Sharma said that the bus is here and she has no time to talk she will talk to us at the pools. When we got to the pools Mrs Sharma told us that we came to the pools because we have to learn how to swim and just to have fun. When we got there I saw the life guards sitting and helping people then I saw other people walking to the pools that we are in and the other classes are in to see if they can swim or not swim. They have to put the right amount of people in each pool when I hopped into the huge pool I was so happy that we were in that pool. One of the people that walk around and look at people they took Riley into the other pool across from us. When we were finished people were annoyed because we had to finish early they wanted to stay there for 2 hours because we normally stay there for 1 hour I told them who care next time we will probably have 2 hours. When we got out of the pools I saw one of my friends running I told them to stop running because they might tell you off for running. When we got into the bathrooms there were people showering like me and my friends were showering then we got in trouble because we had a shower. We got caged and went outside in front of the door. We got into the bus and was singing until we got to school and said thank you to the bus driver then went back to class had a rest. The next day we went to the pools and one of the teachers Miss Morson said to me Maani,Lily,Eve and Samuree that we are not aloud to have a shower we said ok Miss Morson sorry we were wasting our guys's time we will be fast we will go and get change then come back out as fast as we can then we came out so so fast. THE END OF MY STORY

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Questions about Mahatma Gandhi

Image result for grandhi
Questions about Mahatma Gandhi

When was Gandhi dorn?
Gandhi was born on 2nd october 1869.
Which god did Gandhi's mother worship?
She worshipped the god vishnu
How would you describe apartheid?
The word mean status of being apart.
Why was Gandhi told to leave a train?
Because he wasn't white and he had the ticket.
What sort of protests did Gandhi believe in?
Because he was non violent protests.
Why was Gandhi put in prison in march 1922?
Because he tried to kill the government.
Why did the British decide to help improve the lives of the poorer people?
They improve the lives of some of the poorer people.
Explain what type of person Gandhi was and your reasons of your explanation?

Gandhi was a person who will also stand up for people and save their lives.

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WALT; find out what we are insted in and why?

Image result for food restaurant
Why do you want to learn how to cook?
Your friends and family will be so impressed.

Because you can open up your own restaurant.
you'll have the advantage of knowing exactly what's in your food.
and you can finally stop buying instant ramen.
because my family and my country and the other country might be sad and have no food.

And I hope people will like mine and Eve’s restaurant and the food.

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In the week ends

Healthy breakfast???

Title:Information report

breakfast is the most important meal of the day because if you skip breakfast and don’t eat breakfast , you will be tired and will have no energy. 10-12 wake up and have different kinds of breakfast so your taste buds have different nutrients .if you do not have breakfast you will be like a car without any gas or energy.

Breakfast is important???

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Breakfast day 2

Breakfast plan 1

5 major food groups

Image result for the 5 major food groups
There are 5 major food groups these are?

  • Proteins
  • Carbohydrates
  • Vitamins
  • Sugars and fats

Sugars and fats are the least important because they are unhealthy we should make sure that we choose to eat food that comes from the first four food groups.


Image result for brown breadImage result for white bread
Whole grain breads are good because they are made out of refined grain.

These breads are know  as white breads and are not very nutritious.

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WALT make a fraction game to help our buddy to learn quarter and half of the number

Screenshot 2017-06-26 at 11.51.06.png

equipment required?
Fidget spinner .
Cardboard - spinning  wheel.
counters .

How Much people can play the game? Four- 4

Instructions to play the game?
First- you have to stick the pencil onto the fidget spinner.
Then-put the fidget spinner on the cardboard wheel.
After that you get a vivid and write numbers around it.

End -you get the fidget spinner and spin it then you have to tell the half,quarters of that number. Have fun with the game.

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Te tuhi

Screenshot 2017-06-22 at 09.26.41.png
Tuesday Room 6 went to Te Tuhi Art Center

Which was in Pakuranga, when we were going hop on the bus, after that when we were got there we walked inside and then we sat down and met our tour guide name was Salome she took us to the art room  then we had to put on this thing that had put then she show us the tapa cloth which the Tonga one was called Ngatu and the Samoan one is called Siopa and Niuean is called  Hiopa  then she show us some tapa cloth which look amazing  then we swapped after that we gave it back and she told us to scrunch  the paper then we had flat again then we had to paint dye for the Tapa cloth on the paper then she gave us to use Room 5 one then we draw after that we had to color it in then she said ‘we would be using brown ink but not on the drawing because it is going to runde  it’ so we follow her instruction after that we let to dry then she took us for a walk and we could a bunk bed  and  also artwork from artist which was amazing then she told us she was samoan and tongan after that she said that we can come  in the weekends to come to the shower with your togs then we walked  to the bus and went back to school. THE END

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TIP TOP Factory

Image result for tip top

Last Friday the 17th when we were sitting on the mat we were listening  to the meditation to listen to our breath after that  the other classes joined we all closed eyes then Mrs  Morrison started to call her group then the parents called their group then we hop on our bus and when we arrived at the tip top factory the man walked inside the bus and said to Mrs Sharma  can ‘you count how many people that were inside the bus ‘ so Mrs Sharma had to count it then the bus driver parked the bus, we played in the park and just wait for the first  group to go after that group it was our turn because we had to sit and wait for the tour guide to come when she came she told us that there are 16,000 people that come to visit tip top factory and 2,00 people work there  and  then we went to how the ice cream made so the lady told us that if the ice cream is not right they give to the pigs at the farm so they can eat it. THE END

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The windy day

The hot sun and the wind blowing in the air the cold freezing wind taking over the world and the sun charging to give us some air and I think they are charging to take over the world. AND I HOPE IT WILL BE A NICE DAY TOMORROW

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The cold Morning

Screenshot 2017-06-08 at 14.17.00.pngThe fantail birds were tweeting in the trees like music in the sky sing to me and the leaves flying in the air and the soggy mud with dew under my toes.

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Today I learnt fractions from my buddy

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Topic-Potato and onion fritters

Topic- Potato and Onion fritters  

Material Required ?
  • An Electric frying pan
  • A Wooden spatula
  • A Few plates
  • Some Paper napkin
  • A Tea towel
  • A Knife
  • A Peeler
  • A Big bowl

Ingredients Required?
  • 2 Potatos
  • 2 onions
  • 1 Cup chick pea powder
  • 4 Cups olive oil
  • Salt to taste
  • Some Black pepper

On Thursday we made potato and onion fritters for us to eat to make fritters we used

3 big plates then we get 1 big bowl then mrs sharma brings 2 potatos and 2 onions and  Gus peels the potato well mrs sharma dices the onions. Then miss copps the potato then she gets the big bowl to put in the potato and the onion and put it in the bowl  after putting it in the bowl miss gets the chickpea powder and add the waters in the bowl to make it not sticky on the sides so you have to add more waters then you get the Electric frying pan ready the when it is ready you add the olive oil in then you get your hands and put it in the bowl and grab a little by little in the Electric pan then you use the spatula to flip it the other side then you double check that it is done then it is cooked. THE END OF MY STORY  

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WAL about food pyramid?

 TODAY we are learning about food pyramid?

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Tasting dark chocolate and a different?

Today we were tasting chocolate after morning tea. After morning tea we had to go down to the mat and Mrs Sharma was hiding the chocolate from us so it can be a surprise . We were like what would Mrs be hiding. We couldn't tell what it was antill Mrs started  the recording  then she told us that this is what healthy chocolate taste like and it taste like coco by itself. Some people thought it was yummy and some people thought it was not yummy. When Mrs Sharma gave us the other one that had   hips of sugar And then hips of people said it was yummy but the healthy chocolate had 90% of the healthy chocolate. The other chocolate had 42.2 sugar in it. And that is not healthy for you because you might get a rotten teeth. Mrs Sharma said that she eats healthy food that is why she does not go dentist that is it. THE END THANK YOU?

WALT: find where samoa is on the map of the world?

WALT: find where samoa is on the map of the world?Screenshot 2017-05-12 at 10.10.39.png
This is where samoa is and this is where some people live?

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Feedback from my teacher

Feedback from my teacher

Recount A.N.Z.A.C

Screenshot 2017-05-04 at 14.25.03.pngToday after morning tea we went outside for our A.N.Z.A.C ceremony which stands for Australia New Zealand army corps and then we had the ceremony to celebrate the solids who got killed in world war 1.

First  Miss kyla was welcoming started with a karanga than the national anthem after the national anthem we all sat down and the TPS teachers and students were there with us. At the school grounds where it was chilly windy day but no rain. And there were insect  with bees. Next all of the class had to present their work. At the end every class had email
had to go and stand in front of the ceremony and bell there heads then we off to class.The End thank you

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Today WALT; understand features of a recount


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