Friday, May 12, 2017

Tasting dark chocolate and a different?

Today we were tasting chocolate after morning tea. After morning tea we had to go down to the mat and Mrs Sharma was hiding the chocolate from us so it can be a surprise . We were like what would Mrs be hiding. We couldn't tell what it was antill Mrs started  the recording  then she told us that this is what healthy chocolate taste like and it taste like coco by itself. Some people thought it was yummy and some people thought it was not yummy. When Mrs Sharma gave us the other one that had   hips of sugar And then hips of people said it was yummy but the healthy chocolate had 90% of the healthy chocolate. The other chocolate had 42.2 sugar in it. And that is not healthy for you because you might get a rotten teeth. Mrs Sharma said that she eats healthy food that is why she does not go dentist that is it. THE END THANK YOU?

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