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Today we were playing on studyladder and we had to chriy


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certificate of completion

                                            Today I was playing a game and if you finish course 1 you get a reward to                                                       finishing   the code

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Maria EOTC recount

WALT: use time words in a recount
SC: I can highlight 5 time words I have used in my recount

Instructions: You must write a recount about what you did last week for EOTC week.
A recount is a story about something that has already happened - something in the past.
In recounts, we use words like
  • First
  • Next
  • Then
  • Afterwards
  • Before
  • Later on
  • And days of the week - Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday

Your task is to write a recount about your week. You can add pictures if you want to.
Before posting on your blog, highlight any time words you have used. You MUST use at least 5 of these.

For your blog:
Labels - tps, year4, writing
Title: WALT use time words in a recount

Start writing here:ON this week on Monday I went to bowling
And at bowling I got the highest score my score was 121 and on Tuesday I went mini golf and at mini golf my partner was hiria and he won because he had the lowest
Points and at lunch time grace's mum
bought us a ice block then we went to school on wednesday there was a slip and slide and water balloons and some other
staff and it was awesome and we finished at 2.45 o'clock and the girls were changing in room 8 and the boys were changing in room 7 and on thursday I did finger painting and I made christmas trees and and I made stars and I did face painting I went to the movies and at the movies I watched
The secret life with pets and at the movies
It was funny and at the movies the the crocodile died and they were crying and they tried to find their friend and on friday I stayed at school and I had to reflect on it and write about the EOTC week and on that week
It was awesome and amazing and it was fun.

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maori words









Celebrating my hobbies

What things are worth celebrating about my family?

What things are worth celebrating about my family?

What things are worth celebrating about my family?

  • Make me feel safe

  • Celebrating special days with me

  • Celebrate my success

  • Cheering me up and making me laugh

  • Support me everywhere and at all times

  • Encourage me
Image result for make me feel safe crossing the rodeImage result for celebrating special days with meImage result for celebrating my successImage result for cheering me up and making me laughImage result for support me everywhere and at all times at schoolImage result for encourage me

Monday, November 28, 2016

Never share….. Your full Name Your Address Your phone number Your school name Your Age Your password Your profile Your chat Your photo

cybersmart safe online


What things are worth celebrating about my family?

What things are worth celebrating about my family?

  • Make me feel safe Image result for make me feel safe crossing the rode

  • Celebrating special days with meImage result for celebrating special days with me
Image result for celebrating my success
  • Celebrate my success

  • Cheering me up and making me laugh

  • Support me everywhere and at all times

  • Encourage me

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Nets of shape

Today we were learning how to make a net of a shape and I did it with my class that was so awesome that is Room 6. Room 6 had to pick which  wan that they wanted to do some of  them picked spongebob cause that is there farit evan squidward  and spongebob  is squidward is in a cartoon that is why they like it thankyou for listening to my story thankyou.


How to blow a bubble gum😜😜😜😜😜

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Canine Companions

                        There are 7 dog that is helping 

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roller coaster

I feel sad and afraid because  the people that went on the ride they enjoyed it.will i just feel scared and frightened also terrified.When I first went on a roller coaster it was amazing but I am worried I will die because 92,000 people died on a roller coaster when I about people at dreamworld I will never go on a roller coaster because it  is dangerous .It feels like the people who owns the staff.

Dreamworld should check it everyday so no one can die and so everyone can have fun and it feels like i'm falling of the roller coaster now  even if i'm not at dreamworld I can hear myselfscreaming and hear myself say stop and think i don't want to go on it for the rest of my life i'm feeling like i want  to not go the the roller coaster at dreamworld dreamworld had 92,000 people who died and shark attack had only a little bit of people who died. Theme park is more dangerous than shark attack.

It will be fun being on the baby rides because it is not dangerousI will won’t to go on the big kids ride only if they don't put it fast I will go on it when it is normal speed so know one can die and everyone can have some fun lots of fun so everyone can enjoy the ride and everyone can be safe on the rides.I feel really bad that the people at dreamworld died I feel so sorry and nervures so know one at dreamworld dies.I feel frozen that the people had fun on the roller coaster.But they fall of the roller they were having lots of fun on the roller coaster.the people on
Roller coaster were injured causa the ride was still going and newly most of   them newly dyed.

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Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Powerful words for the word said

We were learning a powerful word for said so once we have to draw a story
then we can use these words in our book.

Friday, October 28, 2016

Theme park dreamworld

This is the people that got killed in australia in dreamworld and the little kids

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

The story of the Li min

The little garden

Once Room 6 went outside to go and plant a seed and when we went we had to
holde a soil then put water on it then it will grow big when you water it with a water

Friday, October 21, 2016

To the garden

Today on Friday we went to the garden to plant our seed that we made Today it was fun causa hamish and roe

Thursday, October 20, 2016

We did practice test then our teacher gave us is my writing with the teacher feedback.this evedence of my learning  

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One day on a sunny  day re was a little brave boy called pauliasi he  was at home with his family but his mum told him to go to school before you be late to  school so on his way to school he drew a deep breath then he felt sad and lonely so he just  sat down crying but after that  his  mum fald he and took him to school then they lived happily ever  after.

              The End

Thursday, September 22, 2016


Once there was a man his name was Michael. He us to be a brave boy  with his friends called Peter Pan. They were going to play on the  high tops  when they  went on it they never. Saw  the ladder was  broken so they looked and looked on the ground michael had to go down to get  it they came back up got the tools  to fix it so they can   played  there for half an awer then they 
had to go back home cause they mum mit get upset
that where  is her kids and cry causa she thinks that 
so one came to kidnap them until they mum,dad saw them come back home with Michael's friends then they lived happily ever after.

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

MY story about a lady.

once  upon a time there was a lady called ana she  was so pretty she was getting ready for her wedding then sh then she got more she was walking her heels fall in the mud when e  stopped to look for her wedding dress she looked and looked until she found it in the cupped then she put lots and lots of makeup on with her high heels then she walked into the forest with her  heels when she was getting married she falt in barst in front of everybody so she walked away in the forest when she was walking her heels fall in the mud then she got more angry so she cupped on walking with  mud splashing on her so then she head baris tweeting and helping ana fikest her dress so she went back to get married then they lived happily ever after.  

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

haunted story

Once upon a time there was a man called BoB he was THE only person brave then he went with his car to THE deep dark forest that had grampy wolfs  with foggy trees that was so whomagest that could not ever come off so he was walking through the forest then he STOPPED look around causa he could hear some  grumpy wolfs   then BoB was charging to go back but he doesn't remember which way to go so BoB  was so frightened that he thought he could not go back causa the wof they were blocking his way that he can't get out  then BoB clambered the tree so BoB stayed there for half an answer to the grumpy dogs went away until BoB was firstly he wanted some water so he twined his way back home with his amazing car that was on the side of the haunted tree but he was the only man on earth walking towards the haunted place,

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The Alarm

Today we had to write about a short clip we watched. Our goal was to describe IN DETAIL what we saw. This was just a practice so then when we wrote our own stories, we know how to write in detail and don't forget to leave things out. It helps the reader get a picture in their head, like a movie, of what I am writing.

This is the clip we used.
(Only the first 1 minute - about the boy sleeping through his alarms)

This is what I wrote.
The gentle breeze blow through the open window the curtains waved softly through the window that had speeding wind with a screaming beautiful radio the clock schimley changed to 700 but before  it was 659 amso it was to tell him to wake up causa his amazing song that tried  to make him calm so when his song came up he was so tired causa he came back from school at 5.00 in the morning so after his munits his teacher said  you can go home and have a sleep causa you did get to sleep that is why he was sleeping the whole time when his song came up he turned it off so he can go to sleep so he woke up to eat then he got his amazing silver gan to shot his watch so it dazint have to make any noise spawned but he still had his radio that can tell them to still wake up so he did not no so the next day he was woken up causa his radio alarm on the radio so he was so so mad that he really wanted to shot it but he did not throw it out cause he won't be able to wake up for school early so he did not shot it but when he was sleeping he was dreaming of him not learning so he woke up so he said that was just a dream he said so he went back to sleep.                

Do you think I have described what happened in lots of detail?
Please leave me a comment to let me know if I did achieve my goal or not?

Thursday, September 8, 2016

Once upon a time there was a friendly cat called ginga . he was a brave cat and he yose to
come inside to when he sees me. come back from school he speeds up to me then

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

my story

In a sunny day I went for a walk
In the forest I could hear birds
They were scared and because

Of a scary woodcutter was cutting scary haunted tree I said stop cutting the scary haunted tree but he still did not listen stop cutting the tree when he said why not cut it causa that was my farit tree If you cut it I will cry.
yesterday we went to the pools to learn how to
swim at the pools but on monday I did not go
cause I had to come back with my mum,sister,brother and me but on tuesday that was so fun swimming there that was very fun I hope I
have fun next time when I go swimming.

Monday, August 29, 2016

Today we were leaning to look and talk about what you should not do and something you should do and today we had to talk about it with a class first then we can go on our netbooks to do it so we know how to
do it that is why we have to talk about it first before you do it.

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ctrl ways

Ctrl + n is a new window
Ctrl + t is to make a new tab
Ctrl + w is for a close tab
Ctrl ++ is to make your work bigger

Ctrl +- is to make the screen small

Thursday, June 23, 2016

the seven stars of matariki

today we were writing about matariki day with our bo  

Monday, June 20, 2016

Room 6 part of a plant

Today room 6 were writing about plant like where they live.

Thursday, June 16, 2016

parts of a seed

this week room 6 are  describe  about a seed this seed is very important
so people can learn  what is part of a seed

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

seeds that wear life jackets

this week room 6 had to read a book and I was reading a book I felt  very excited#
because it was a nice story to read

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playing outside with no one

Yes the day Syariah-lee and Lino

Had no one to play with so me and Carlin said do you want to play with us so they said yes I do want to play with you when we were playing with them they said thank you for letting me play with you so we said it’s an right.

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Rhyming words

The big long firework

The big  long firework

Who. my mum and my dad and friends.
When. on friday at night time.
Where. At my cousin's house.
Why. for mother's day.
How. in all of my families car.
What. it awes goes on firework day.

The problem is that the firework are to lowd
And to lose for the kids to sleep
For school tomorrow.

First  I ask if they can stop but they said no
So I ask them again if they can stop
Because they are waking the kids up.

The six thinking Hats

WALT understand what it means to be a digital citizens


Recording a bit of my life everyday

On monday I went to joan's
Birthday it was fun because there was a lot of people  there and we eat cake and chicken then
We were sing and she turned
1 years old she was so happy
Because we were making her
Light at as then when we were
Watching a movie she fell asleep.

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Thursday, May 19, 2016

The magic key

The magic key
One day there was  a girl who took the magic key.and had Screenshot 2016-05-19 at 10.53.13.pngbrown hair, and she were
A blue dress in the castle.
Problem the girl stole the key from the giant so the giant got Angry so the giant went and crashed after her .
Sulosin the girl did now that it was the giant’s key but she saw him go after her
So she said sorry for taking the key because I did now.

Thursday, May 12, 2016

WALT witi about our life

The big  long firework

Who. my mum and my dad and friends.
When. on friday at night time.
Where. At my cousin's house.
Why. for mother's day.
How. in all of my families car.
What. it awes goes on firework day.

The problem is that the firework are to lowd
And to lose for the kids to sleep
For school tomorrow.

First  I ask if they can stop but they said no
So I ask them again if they can stop
Because they are waking the kids up.

Monday, May 9, 2016

One day there was a big long tree that people used to play with it

One day there was a big long tree that people used to play with it.

But now they  don’t play with it because it is a bit boring. Now they pla1y at the 
park and they are having lots of fun. w

Saturday, May 7, 2016

Friday, April 15, 2016

uses of water

WALT witi about what is water uses for everyday
so you can get very very smart and come them down.
thank you so mach for nising

why is water important for your brain and body

WALT witi about why is water important for your brain and body
we are learning about it because people drink fize  drink  but you are supposed
 to drink water so you can get hilf  and come your staff down.

jolly phonics

WALT write about words and so we can get better at writing words
and enchanting words .

Thursday, April 14, 2016

WALT wit about our culture in room 6 so  everybody can comment to
our school blog and so we can have heaps of blog

WALT find multiple parts of a whole

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Monday, April 4, 2016

my new words

today room6 are waiting about the gruffalo and about tiddler
room 6 said it was a bit hard but so of them said it was easy

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Thursday, March 24, 2016

these are my goals for this term

this is my goals for this term
for my goals I had to read our whanau conference
work to them and I read the store to  my cousin
and my cousin was exercised at me so after at we went to mcdonalds because
we were good.

what my pet likes to do at home

I am write  about what my  dog likes to do at home
he wants to  play tag with me  at the park
but I said no because I was to tide to play at the park
and than we fell asleep  when we woke up and then we
went to the park and than she was reel  reel exercised at me
and we went happy at home.