Friday, June 23, 2017

Te tuhi

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Tuesday Room 6 went to Te Tuhi Art Center

Which was in Pakuranga, when we were going hop on the bus, after that when we were got there we walked inside and then we sat down and met our tour guide name was Salome she took us to the art room  then we had to put on this thing that had put then she show us the tapa cloth which the Tonga one was called Ngatu and the Samoan one is called Siopa and Niuean is called  Hiopa  then she show us some tapa cloth which look amazing  then we swapped after that we gave it back and she told us to scrunch  the paper then we had flat again then we had to paint dye for the Tapa cloth on the paper then she gave us to use Room 5 one then we draw after that we had to color it in then she said ‘we would be using brown ink but not on the drawing because it is going to runde  it’ so we follow her instruction after that we let to dry then she took us for a walk and we could a bunk bed  and  also artwork from artist which was amazing then she told us she was samoan and tongan after that she said that we can come  in the weekends to come to the shower with your togs then we walked  to the bus and went back to school. THE END

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