Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Healthy breakfast???

Title:Information report

breakfast is the most important meal of the day because if you skip breakfast and don’t eat breakfast , you will be tired and will have no energy. 10-12 wake up and have different kinds of breakfast so your taste buds have different nutrients .if you do not have breakfast you will be like a car without any gas or energy.

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  1. Kia ora Maria,

    It is great to see you blogging over the holiday! I have really enjoyed reading your posts. I've actually spent the past week blogging with students who are part of the Winter Learning Journey blogging programme. We're having tons of fun and learning so much about the people, places and things that you can see and do in New Zealand!

    Your post about breakfast actually reminds me of the last holiday blogging programme that I ran. It was called a Summer Learning Journey. For the programme we asked students to write a blog about breakfast and we asked them to comment on whether they thought that breakfast was the important meal of the day. It's amazing to me that you have now posted an identical blog! That is very cool!

    Speaking of cool, it would also be very cool if you joined our Winter Learning Journey programme. To join, simply googke 'Winter Learning Journey.' A link to our website will appear. Click on the link and it will bring you to our website. On the website, click on the 'Weekly Activities' tab. There you will find 21 different activities that you can choose from. You can do one activity or all 21. It's up to you!

    To complete the activity, post your answer on this blog site. We'll check your site, post a comment and give you points for participating. We'll then come back to Tamaki Primary in Term 3 to bring you a certificate and we'll put a digital badge on your blog site, just for participating!

    Hope that you'll consider joining us this holiday...