Friday, September 22, 2017

My Swimming Story

Title; My Swimming Story
Swimming Rules
  • No Splashing
  • No Bombing
  • No Pushing
  • And no running

On monday room 6 went to the panmure lagoon swimming pools. When Mrs Sharma told the class that we are going on monday  to the swimming pools I was so excited and calm. Mrs Sharma said that the bus is here and she has no time to talk she will talk to us at the pools. When we got to the pools Mrs Sharma told us that we came to the pools because we have to learn how to swim and just to have fun. When we got there I saw the life guards sitting and helping people then I saw other people walking to the pools that we are in and the other classes are in to see if they can swim or not swim. They have to put the right amount of people in each pool when I hopped into the huge pool I was so happy that we were in that pool. One of the people that walk around and look at people they took Riley into the other pool across from us. When we were finished people were annoyed because we had to finish early they wanted to stay there for 2 hours because we normally stay there for 1 hour I told them who care next time we will probably have 2 hours. When we got out of the pools I saw one of my friends running I told them to stop running because they might tell you off for running. When we got into the bathrooms there were people showering like me and my friends were showering then we got in trouble because we had a shower. We got caged and went outside in front of the door. We got into the bus and was singing until we got to school and said thank you to the bus driver then went back to class had a rest. The next day we went to the pools and one of the teachers Miss Morson said to me Maani,Lily,Eve and Samuree that we are not aloud to have a shower we said ok Miss Morson sorry we were wasting our guys's time we will be fast we will go and get change then come back out as fast as we can then we came out so so fast. THE END OF MY STORY

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