Friday, June 22, 2018

Space Work

The percentage of oxygen in space is lower than the percentage in Earth. Why is there no oxygen in space? Because there is no trees and the oxygen separated to different areas in space like near the sol.

1. Where does Earth get its oxygen from? Earth’s oxygen comes
from tiny ocean plants called phytoplankton that live near the water’s surface and dirt with the currents

2. What things on Earth need oxygen to survive? Scientist have found the first animals capable of surviving in an entirely oxygen- free environment.
3. What would happen to those things if oxygen disappeared for 5 seconds? Everyone at the beach would get sunburn, The day- time sky would get darker, Everyone's inner ear would explode, Every building made of of concrete would turn into dust and The oceans would evaporate and bleed into space
4. How long can humans survive without oxygen? Six minutes
Why is there no oxygen in space? There is oxygen in space, but the oxygen is spread out that nearly you cannot make use it as a source of oxygen for your body. The earth has gravity that pulls together oxygen near each other
Oxygen does so much more than that in fact i'm willing to bet the product are worst then you're expecting. There is 20 percent of oxygen that we breathe. It is mostly in space.

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